About Us

The most practical, highest quality and fashionable collection of bodysuits available today for the disAbled consumer.


For the Child
As a Special Education Teacher, I have chosen products that I have successfully used to help develop and support independence and self-esteem in my students. I have manufactured products that parents ask for and need, in order to advocate and support their children's education. and independent living. After 30 years as a Special Ed teacher, I have put together this store with clothes that meet the needs of the disAbled child. I believe in infinite possibilities, with self-esteem and the right tools, resources and expectations, you would be amazed at what your child can achieve.

For the Adult
Products have been chosen to increase your independence, maintain your dignity, and LOOK and FEEL GOOD. The name EASY ACCESS came from my belief that everyone should be able to access the life they want. To access the job, the community, the lifestyle of your dreams. "I dwell in the Possibilities". Again, looking good, feeling good, and having the right clothes and tools that support your independence can increase the quality of your life and make that access to the world a little bit easier.

For the Caregiver
As a special ed teacher of the severely handicapped, I know first hand how physically difficult it can be to dress and toilet the students, I saw the difficulty group home counselors had in dressing and performing personal needs care for their clients, and I especially know the difficulty parents had in the same areas.
Wow, to find clothes and products that allow people to dress or care for their personal needs independently, or with assistance that doesn't involve lifting...I made them with you in mind!! All products and clothing being sold here, are presented to make life easier for everyone!


Sandy Zeichner spent 40 years working as a special education teacher in California. Throughout her career she focused on helping students of all ages and abilities gain independent living skills. She observed early on that having the right clothing did wonders to support students’ independence, making access to the world a little bit easier and greatly improving quality of life. Easy Access Clothing was born of the desire to bring independence and dignity to the young and old.