About Us

What is Adaptive Clothing? 

Adaptive clothing is clothing designed specifically for those who may have mobility or other issues and may not be able to use features such as buttons or zippers. While adaptive clothing for wheelchair users is the most popular type of adaptive clothing, there are also pieces for those with sensory issues, such as autism or related disorders.

Why Delta Adaptive Clothing?

I am the fourth owner of this business that had humble beginnings in Canada when a woman started making adaptive clothing herself, in her home, for people she knew who needed specialized clothing. I still have her hand written notes from more than 30 years ago!  I love that! 

How did I end up buying this business?

Well, at the core, I decided a couple of years ago that I want to do something every day that had a purpose. I had not found that purpose so I continued working in corporate America. When I bought the business in 2021, I made a goal that I would be able to grow the business to something that could support me as well as to bring true satisfaction and purpose each day.  Sitting in traffic doesn't bring satisfaction and purpose.  Going to meetings doesn’t either. Making a personal impact in someone's life does. With the growth of this business, I plan to stop working for corporations and start working to make a positive impact in the lives of as many people as I can.

Why this business?

It was several small things over time that led me here.  The very first seed probably came from talking with my best friend who is a hospice nurse and her sharing how difficult it was for families and caregivers to dress elderly sick people.  She mentioned once that it would be helpful to have “Velcro” clothes to make dressing easier.

Encountering a beautiful young receptionist who was in a wheelchair also planted a seed. This girl moved fluidly around her station to answer phones, create badges, etc.. She was impressive. Equally impressive was how she was dressed.  It was impeccable.  As I watched her in amazement, I started wondering how she got dressed if she couldn't stand on her own. Were there special clothes made to stay out of wheelchair wheels?  Could she dress herself and do her own hair?  She stayed on my mind for a long time.

So when this business came along, I took it as a sign that I should buy it. I officially changed the name to Delta Adaptive Clothing. Why? Well, Delta stands for CHANGE… and I want to provide products that will change the way people feel by about getting dressed and how they feel when they look great! I want to provide products that allow freedom and independence as well.

Thank you for making time to read this and to help me grow this business into
something fabulous!

All the Best,