Accessible Playgrounds In The US
Nov 2021

Kids have no worries and love to spend their time playing. Every single kid deserves to be able to play on a playground, despite their abilities. Sometimes disabled children can feel left out at many playgrounds. However, accessible playgrounds have been springing up in the US over recent years. This guide will look at 10 of the best handicap-accessible playgrounds in the US. You will be sure to find one near you, so you and your family can have fun.

Accessible and Inclusive Playgrounds

Accessible and inclusive playgrounds are designed to be suitable for kids of all abilities to play on. Whether they have special needs or use a wheelchair, they will be able to use some of the equipment. There's nothing quite like seeing a disabled child experience fun other kids get to experience for the first time. All kids love to play and have fun in a playground, they just need to be given access to the right equipment. So let's not waste any more time, let's take a look at some of the best parks in the country.

Jude's Park - Maine

Jude's Park was the first accessible playground to open in Maine. The park is named after a local disabled child and was funded by a community campaign. The park has accessible swings, merry-go-rounds, and some fun musical instruments kids will be able to play for hours with. The whole park is covered in foam matting to protect children who fall.

A Park Above - New Mexico

A park above is a huge accessible park that is split into many different areas. There is a water play area complete with a splash pad, and there is also plenty of open space. The accessible play equipment includes musical instruments, obstacle courses, accessible swings, and climbing frames. Whatever your child's abilities, they will find something to play on at A Park Above.

Casey Park - New York

Casey Park in New York is a large park that is great for kids of all abilities. There is plenty to see and do when visiting the park. You can roam around the park and enjoy nature, or you can let your kids burn off some steam on the accessible playground. The park has its very own swimming pool, complete with animals that spray water. The park is also home to a liberty swing, this is a swing that can be used by able-bodied and disabled children safely.

Mary's Magical Place Playground - Tennessee

Mary's playground will make any child feel at home. The park has a fully accessible entrance which makes it easy for kids in wheelchairs to enter. There's also an accessible teeter-totter, fully accessible merry-go-round, and a really fun roller table. The park is equipped with wide ramps to help wheelchair users navigate the different platforms.

Morgan's Wonderland - Texas

Morgan's Wonderland is probably a first in the US. It's a theme park where kids of all abilities can play together and have fun. This theme park was created to change the attitudes of people and try to get all the kids to play together. Morgan's Wonderland has all the theme park favorites, including a carousel, train, and loads of different rides. Each attraction is as accessible as it can be.

Clemyjontri Park - Virginia

This park is so big it has its own train to get around. The train has ramps to allow wheelchairs to board with ease. There are also low monkey bars and accessible swings. A ground-level carousel is perfect for wheelchair users to enjoy.

Elver Park - Wisconsin

Elver Park has been carefully designed to be suitable for Ramps and rubber surfaces make it possible for everyone to get around with ease. The park is also decorated with bright colors which are perfect for children with sight problems.

Mentock Park - Wyoming

Mentock Park was created to allow all kids to play side by side together regardless of their ability. It's the first accessible park in Wyoming and has become extremely popular. It has an accessible teeter-totter, soft surfaces, and lots of ramps to make it easy for everyone to get around.

Lost Creek Elementary School - Nebraska

The park is easy for wheelchair users to navigate thanks to wide ramps and smooth soft surfaces. The merry-go-round is suitable for children of all abilities and features bucket seats for safety.

Haley Hendricks Park - Nevada

The Haley Hendricks Park features lots of accessible equipment. There is even a splash pad that kids will love playing with during the hot summer months. The park is well designed and allows able-bodied and disabled children to play side by side. Your kids should forget about their handicaps, and just enjoy being children.

Finding Special Needs Parks

The internet has made it easy to find whatever it is you are looking for. If this guide hasn't helped to find a playground near you, then try a quick search online. It's also possible to find many other disabled-friendly places to visit in the US with a quick search of the internet.

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