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Casual Pants



Good looking and comfortable! Our casual pants come with all of our
standard features plus a fully adjustable corded elastic waistband for
a sure fit.


  • Standard features include a wider cut and higher rise in the back.
  • Elasticized waistband with adjustable chord.
  • Reinforced wrist loops for lifting and dressing.
  • Pants with the full outside leg openings can lie flat on a bed or lie open on a chair.
  • Great for caregivers, reduces lifting.
  • Drop Front pants feature the waist embrace allowing the waist to remain secured while the front panel opens wide.
  • Great for use with urinals.
  • The Velcro fly has a finger loop at the opening to assist in opening ease.
  • Pants with the crotch opening also have a Velcro fly for dressing ease.
  • Great for easy access to personal needs, tubes, bags or braces.
  • Pants made from easy care poly/cotton.
  • Excellent for wheelchair sitting or walking.

Waist Size

Small 28" -32"

Medium 34"-36"

Large 38"-40"

X-Large 42"-44"

Secured payments by Shopify

Are you new to our store? Are you wondering if it safe to give us your payment information? Have you heard of Shopify? If not, please, rest assured that it is one of the most secure and the safest online e-commerce platforms. It offers the best for us, the merchant and the best for you, the client, by enabling us to make smooth, carefree transactions.

Shopify is PCI compliant

Shopify is PCI compliant, which means it keeps customers payment info highly protected and completely in line with the rules set to protect cardholder data used during all online payments adopted by the Payment Card Industry Council in 2005.

There are six PCI standard categories and Shopify's compliance covers all of them. As such, all of the following applies to every online store that uses Shopify:

  •  Maintaining a secure network
  • Protect cardholder data
  • Maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Implement strong access control measures
  • Regularly monitor and test networks
  • Maintain an information security policy

Those of you, who would like to learn more about Shopify's PCI compliance, please see Q&A available through this link: https://www.shopify.com/security/pci-compliant?utm_source=secure&utm_medium=shop