Daily routine activities for elderly
Dec 2021

Having fun and enjoying life is the right of everyone, and elderly adults are no exception. In fact, old age can be a new gate of happiness for them. Because they can feel young again with interesting activities that make them laugh and more energetic both physically and mentally. But what can bored seniors do?

Research shows that most seniors - even in their 90 years old - actually love active physical pursuits such as walking, jogging, running and playing sports, among others. It gives them more spirit to live their life to the fullest. That being said, pleasure can still mean different things to everyone. So here is the list of daily routine activities for elderly that may improve their quality of life:

Performing Arts

Performing arts like singing or dancing can be a means to entertain yourself and anyone who may be interested in your performance. As for elderly adults, it can help them reconnect with themselves in a passionate way.

Other than singing and dancing, they can also perform a skit, a stand-up comedy, or read story books to groups of children. Regardless of the type of art the elders perform, it will be able to bring out excitement and warm the feel around them.

Playing Sports

Sport has long been the symbol of a healthy body and mind. Of course old age is not an excuse to skip this type of activity. It should be noted that continuing to exercise every day can be fun, since it will bring back the old zeal to explore the physical world.

Add friendly competition to the mix and it will be a really pleasing sports activity. For instance, seniors can play golf with their old friends, or other games like pool, tennis, boccie, badminton, ball tossing, pickleball, curling and bowling.

Socializing With Others

Those who think that socializing is only for youngsters are wrong. Even in old age, people can still engage in social activities and it's fun as always. Remember that we humans are social beings, so we're wired to connect regardless of our age. It doesn't take a complex connection, though. Just a good conversation will do the trick.

One of the main goals of socializing is to lift your mood. It can be done by talking with others about old memories or other interesting topics. The conversation should be kept cheerful and friendly to maintain a positive atmosphere.

It's good for elders to attend events or join clubs. Even better, they can also throw their own parties with themes such as Gingerbread House, Cookie Swap, Silent Night, Light Festival, Tree Lighting and Gift Wrapping.

Interacting With Pets

 When it comes to having fun, people aren't the only ones who want to do that, but animals too. So when elderly adults play with pets like a cat or bird, it's like they're benefiting one another. This is one of the therapeutic activities that can bring more joy to their lives.

Keep Them Home Busy Learning

 Most students at school may not realize that learning is fun. However, many seniors know the pleasurable side of this activity, especially when they have a lot of time at home. They can choose what to learn, i.e., something that interests them like a foreign language, computer, coding, professional photography, web design and cooking.

Sharpening Creativity

 When we think about it, age never really limits creativity. You can always sharpen your creative force no matter how old you are. There are many ideas for activities related to this, including painting, drawing, papercraft, woodcraft, knitting, beading, quilting, embroidery and card making.

Outdoor Pastimes

 When the weather is favorable, going outside can be a great way to enjoy time for older adults. There are lots of fun things they can do out there that will elevate their mood. The simplest example of outdoor activity is walking. Others include hiking, nature photography, gardening, birding, picnics and boat cruising.


 Recreation is pleasurable for young and old alike. It's always a great idea to visit recreational spots along with your family or friends. And of course, you don't have to be a kid to do that. Nobody should limit his or her outside joy with age. Just go to parks, county fairs, carnivals, museums, art shows, sporting events, adult arcades or whatever place you would love to visit.


Self-care is an important thing. There's no doubt about that. That's why even seniors need to go to a salon or barbershop, so they can get the haircut and style they like. They may also want to go on a spa vacation for manicures, facial care treatments and massages.

There are independent living communities that offer these kinds of services. You can book an appointment for them for the elder in your life. This is a golden opportunity to show your love to the elder. Let them feel pampered and cared for while engaging socially with new people.

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