Delta Donates To Dress The Special Kids At JTF
Feb 2022

Delta Donates To Dress The Special Kids At JTF

Innovations are what drive us forward us societies, and connect us as individuals. It only takes one person with a vision to initiate change that can move many more to action. Such was the case with the genesis of our company, Delta Adaptive Clothing. Over thirty years ago, a Canadian woman was motivated to adapt clothing to suit people she knew with disabilities. Her handwritten notes and the independent spirit that scribed them survive today as blueprints for a business that strives to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Delta's clothing collections aim to be agents for change, designed to facilitate freedom and ease of movement for people with mobility or other medical issues. Our clothes are worn by wheelchair users, people with sensory needs, and a wide range of other conditions. Discover how we make adaptive clothing both functional and fashionable with our full range of styles and colors on show at

JTF Addresses Special-Needs Kids

The Joseph Thomas Foundation's mission is to relieve some of the burden of caring for a medically fragile child by providing free-of-charge medical equipment, supplies, therapies, and other life-enhancing supports, to families in need. John Thomas founded the JTF in honor of his son, Joseph, a special-needs child who passed away in 2007. With his intimate understanding of the spiritual, emotional, and financial challenges facing families of medically fragile children, John wanted Joseph's legacy to be one of support, encouragement, and engagement. As a not-for-profit organization, the JTF continues its positive work through the generosity of donations from individuals and businesses, and community participation in annual fundraising events. For an active involvement in raising funds for JTF you can join in the Joseph Thomas Memorial Triathlon held in Abilene, Texas, each February, or the Joseph Thomas Biathlon which takes place every November in Weatherford, Texas. Here at Delta, we found a less exerting, but equally rewarding way to contribute.

Synergy in Motion

Delta felt a strong alignment between the independence and dignity our clothing aims to provide and the mission of the Joseph Thomas Foundation. It is a privilege to be involved in a small way in assisting families encountering uncertainties and challenges due to their child's medical issues, Our unique children's easy access clothing collection is a good fit for JTF, with each garment specifically designed to simplify the task of dressing and undressing. Adaptive alterations include higher waistlines, extra room for diapers, straight forward poppers to replace zips and buttons, and Velcro fastenings. We are humbled to honor our synergy with the work that JTF does with a donation, from our closet to theirs, of a large stock of adaptive pants Requests for free Delta Adaptive Clothing for you or a family member or friend can be made by the JTF Medical Closet Request Form. Visit JTF's Facebook to find out more about Delta's adaptive pants donation. We're so happy to have found the JTF and look forward to supporting their great work, and the efforts of other Texan non-profit organizations, going forward. We can all make a difference in the lives of others, starting with caring for our greatest drivers of future evolution and the ones who deserve our very best care and attention, our special-needs children.

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